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Fort Smith/Alma Arkansas KOA, June 20th 2003

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Friday June 20th.

          We left late in the day and didn't make much headway.  Here we are at the Fort Smith/Alma Arkansas KOA.  We were so impressed with the Alma KOA staff that we gave them a perfect score for the service they gave us.  After all, it's not everyday that the the owners of the park will take time out of their day to escort you to a parking spot and then stay to make sure you got hooked up and settled in.  This park doesn't have a lot of sites but it makes up for it with hospitality and beauty.  The park has a fishing pond (catch and release and no charge) complete with ducks, woods and open areas, is a quiet park, beautiful sunsets, fair weather year round, long pull-thru sites (how about 75 feet??) and cable television.  Next to our site was a huge blackberry bush with berries that were just about ready to pick. Yum!!  Wish we could have stayed longer.



          Oh and by the way, here is the traditional picture of Molly sound asleep.  Here is the traditional picture of me wondering how to get to our next stop with Dee looking on thinking that I don't know what I am doing.  Ah well, loyalty is hard to come by.  And then there is Molly trying gulp down the food we are forcing her to eat for breakfast.  For some reason we didn't have any pictures of our trip south through Little Rock AR, Pine Bluff, Lake Village, a short jog through Louisiana and on to Vicksburg MS.  That whole route through southern Arkansas is really pretty and the time of the year we were passing through the crops were high and crop duster airplanes were everywhere.  It was really interesting to watch them zoom right across the  highway just about 30 feet off the ground!!  There's lots of cotton and corn fields down this way and the ground gets quite flat.  The soil is obviously rich in nutrients by looking at the crops.     We got into the KOA at Hammond a little late, about 9:00PM if I remember correctly and were met by one of the owners of the park.  He got us registered and escorted us our site.


One of my collection of Molly sleeping on the trips.

Saturday June 21st.

          We got up about 8:00AM and started getting ready to go to the French Quarter in New Orleans. 

          We discovered the Hammond KOA had lots of interesting sights.  The little lake with those homey looking cabins around one side and the local water birds.  We got introduced to the "ugly ducks" too.  They were somewhere between cute and ugly.  I don't think we ever finished making the decision about "cute" or "ugly".



Cute or Ugly?

Across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.

          The trip from Hammond to the New Orleans French Quarter was an interesting tour of the area.  The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is a 24 mile long 4 lane bridge that just boggles the mind.  There is a two lane bridge on one side and a two lane on the other.  And 24 miles long!  At one point in time I thought that I could not see the two shores when we got in the middle.  The two girls told me that I must get my eyes checked at the first opportunity.


          Little did we know that a few years later this area would be devastated by Katrina.














June 22nd KOA at Slidell. They had a bigger collection of the cute ugly ducks than the KOA at Hammond. Slidell KOA brochure.

Molly feeding the gulls at the U.S.S Alabama memorial.


The first Florida visitors center we found. Lots of great Florida orange juice and all free. Florida has some of the best visitors centers we have used. If you look around some of them have quite a collection of lizards running around!!





June 23rd Pensacola and Navarre Beach Campground.



June 24th on the road


June 25th Sun-N-Fun RV resort at Sarasota. A REALLY nice facility. No officer, I have no idea how that alligator got a slice of cheese on it's nose. Sun-N-Fun site card









June 26th Key West














What nice sponges!!






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