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Just a small part of Molly's life. Click on the pictures to enlarge them and then click one more time to enlarge again.

Molly at 9 Months



3rd Birthday with a Mickey Mouse Cake

Easter at G'Ma Dobbs

4th Birthday

Sunset Bible Camp Fishing

First Party Dress

Molly and Leslie at Sunset Bible Camp.  This was a yearly trek that Molly and G'Ma Sue loved.  G'Ma made sure Molly got a letter a day while she was there.

March 2004 Dance

Birthday Pizza Party 7 years old

15th Birthday celebrations are soooo much fun!!

Molly's Kitty Sox

Molly and G'Ma Sue

at Mesa Verde. One of

our yearly trips.

9 Years old Discovery Zone

Molly washing the first car she ever owned

Molly and G'Ma Sue

Oklahoma District Champions 2005

G'Pa David and G'Ma Sue

Christmas is another

one of the BIG

DEALS around the

Moore household

Tuning up for a dance recital.

Molly got a new RAV4 for graduation

Pat laughing it up as Molly dons her OBU newbie beanie

Molly and Leslie

Molly and Leslie graduating with honors 2006

Senior Portrait 2006

Some of Molly's church family at her graduation party.

Fall 2008 Moving in

at OBU

Molly, G'Pa and G'Ma shopping in Albuquerque

Pat and Molly Christmas 2007

Pat and Molly

All the stockings

hung in a row

Molly's OBU first year move in.  2006

At the Oklahoma State Championship Tournament

The OBU golf team 2008

Christmas is always

a big deal at the

Moore household

 and so is making

 pumpkin rolls

Pat and Molly 2006 Oklahoma State Championship

Halloween at Treasure Lake Resort.  We came to TL many times every year

2003 Molly, Dee and G'Pa parasailing at Key West

Christmas at Silver

Dollar City,, another


This is not Molly's piano but one just like it.  Did you know she competed every year in the Oklahoma State Recitals and that she played the trombone in high school and held "First Seat"?

Molly's other family. Zella (Mom) Kelly (Sister) Flynn (Kelly's hubby) Burl (Dad) in the back.

Birthday 2005 - The girls. In the back, Zella, left to right, Dee, Kelly, Kim and Molly.

Kimberly 1973

Pat and Molly

Molly and Dee trying to get us arrested for feeding cheese to the alligators

We spent lots of time at Silver Dollar City every summer

Kim and Molly

Molly getting her first "Seagulls bite" lesson

at the USS Alabama

G'Ma Sue and Molly at Niagara Falls

Burl, Zella and Molly

New Orleans 2003

Molly's cat Calli

Molly hates fishing

 and nature stuff

Death Valley 2008

2008 - Molly doesn't really care for this nature stuff

2008 - Molly doesn't really care for this nature stuff

2008 - Molly doesn't really care for this nature stuff

2008 - Molly doesn't really care for this nature stuff

March 7, 2009 Molly and Landon

G'Pa and Molly cutting up

I thought you had the tickets to England

Back from England. The winters were cold

Landon and Molly heading west

The new digs

The new job

The new Bell

Landon Ryder - God does good work doesn't he?