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RV Resources                       Last updated   12/16/2011



+++    For those web sites I think provide the most amount of information with the least amount of advertising.  The lions share of the "RV information" web sites provide an overabundance of advertising and an under abundance of information.  As an experiment with our web site we have recently inserted an ad from El Monte RV rental.  If there are objections to this practice please let us know.



Sample itinerary and checklist for a trip. (temporarily disabled)


Dave's Trial and Errors, Waste Valve problem solution, "Decals coming off your rig or want to buy some murals?", Battery Disconnect Switches, Wiring your trailer, Porch Lights, LED Lighting and other trials and tribulations.


+++ GO-RV.COM  This is probably the best parts catalog I've ever used.  If these guys don't have it then you probably don't need it.  I can attest that this works well.


+++ RVers Online "the ultimate RV Information Resource".  We kinda like this site.  It looks like this is being done by someone having fun and not trying to get rich from advertisers.


+++ RV Park Reviews The best RV Park reviews I've ever seen.  See what other campers are saying about the RV park you're thinking about using.  You can do point and click for RV parks or you can do custom searches.


RV Travel - "RV Travel - News, Information & Advice for RVers"


RV Education 101 -  "RV Education 101 - videos, DVDs, books, tips and information for RVers"


+++ RV.Net - This site has an RV forum, Open Roads. Yes you have to put up with some significant advertising but the information available on the site is good but just go to the forums and ignore the front pages.  You also have to put up with arrogant and insensitive moderators of each thread.  There doesn't seem to be a way of reporting them to a higher authority and if they don't like the way a thread is going they just close it or delete.  Also according to their forum rules they support an open and adamant anti-religion policy.  Ah well, there are jerks around everyday to put blemishes on beautiful works.


Vista Manufacturing - "Recreational Vehicles Lighting Applications".


RV Cruiser:  -  General resource center.


RV-Info - General information.  Leans to Motorhomes


RV Consumer Group - "RV Ratings for motorhomes, fifth wheels, trailers, toy haulers".  Also provides some industry current information on things like formaldehyde contamination, etc.  The evaluations of 5th wheels, travel trailers, motorhomes, etc. is a "member charge item".  Current price as of this writing $139 and for a renewal $28.50 for a renewal.  Is this really worth it??  I don't think so.


The Truckers Report - A link provided by one of our readers. Complete Guide to Trucker Resources and it's advertizing free at the time this was written.


More safety first links provided by one of our readers.  Thank you, thank you.  Good information on how to share the road with trucks.  And we have done lots of that over the years.


Incidentally, many of the "rules of the road for truckers" apply to us RV pulling and Class A pushing drivers.  We have the same set of problems when it comes to blind spots and stopping distances.  I   Noticed on one of the truckers training videos that it takes a fully loaded 18 wheeler a football field to stop.  I would suspect that a fully loaded RV or Class A would not be a whole lot shorter distance than that.


SafeNY  - New York state supplied information on traffic safety and how to stay out of the blind zone of trucks.


Freight Capital - This is really interesting and provides information on what should be done on trucks to maintain a safe vehicle and working environment.  Provides PDF files that can be printed out and used as check lists and permanent information files/forms.


Share the Road - Keeping Americas highways safe. Nuff said?  Even has downloadable videos for training which are quite good.



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