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by Jenetta Loggan (Supplemented by David Moore)

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Friday, June 22, 2007

We left Bartlesville at 12:55 PM with Deanna driving.  I, as usual, sat in the back seat so I could observe all our travels and write it up in a journal.  We stopped in Vinita for lunch then got on the turnpike and headed east toward Missouri.  It's a hot day at 88 degrees and partly cloudy.  We left the turnpike and took I-44 into Missouri.  We found a rest area and stopped for a much needed restroom break.  When we left there, Dave started driving and we reached Marshfield, MO at 5:15 PM.  We had trouble finding RVExpress RV Park and drove through some really nice residential districts before we finally spotted the Park.  The park is relatively new and is not on Google Earth, but you CAN see the driveway to the new facility. This is a really clean and well run RV park with great staff. It has completely paved parking areas with pull troughs' at no extra charge. By the way it has a free secured access wireless internet that works great and a free continental breakfast. After setting up, we went for a drive around town. The Hubble telescope inventor was from Marshfield so they had a small Hubbell telescope replica in the town square. We bought gas at the new Wal-Mart store, and drove out to show Dave where Denise and Robin used to live. We encountered a really bad wind and rain storm before getting there, so came back to the RV and had supper. By the time we got back, the rain had gone away.



Saturday, June 23, 2007

We had a free continental breakfast in the RV dining hall packed up and left for Saint Louis. We are to meet Denise, Robin, and Jamie at Bob Evans restaurant in St. Louis for lunch. We pulled into the restaurant parking lot about 11:30 and had lunch with Denise, Robin, and Jamie. It was so good to see them again and we had a nice visit. We hadn't seen them since Christmas. We reluctantly left at 1:15 PM and continued on east toward our next stop at Deer Ridge Camping Resort near Richmond, IN. We saw the arch in the distance and crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois. It was 89 degrees at 1:30, hot again. We passed the Greenville Federal Prison which is a huge place with dual water towers. We ran into rain about halfway through Illinois. There was lots of lightning and the temperature dropped to 71 really fast. The rain let up about 4:00 PM and the temperature climbed back up to 75. We entered Indiana and stopped at the Welcome Center rest area where we discovered we were in a different time zone. I had to set my watch up one hour to EST. Deanna took the wheel as we left as Dave had been driving for four hours. We had to stop for gas outside Indianapolis and Dave decided to drive again as we left since there was a lot of construction on the roads. Our reservations are for Deer Ridge Camping Resort near Richmond, Ind. which is right on the border of Ohio and Indiana. We will have driven across half of Missouri, across both Illinois and Indiana in one day. We arrived at Deer Ridge Camping Resort about 9:00 PM, EDT, and Dave and Deanna had to set up in the rain. They got done about 9:30, and then we had supper. We had thunder and lightning all night long and retired about 10:45 PM. Deer Ridge is a nice little park located in the woods but not so far into the woods that you think you are on a safari. It has a narrow driveway in and outbound so it could be close quarters if you met someone coming in or going out.

Deer Ridge

Sunday, June 24,2007

We had breakfast then left camp about 9:00 AM with Dave driving. We are still traveling east toward Ohio. We stopped at the Ohio Welcome Center and picked up maps and brochures. We got to the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio about 10:30 and saw airplanes from WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the cold war era, the space age, and up to modem times today. There were some really unusual things too. A reproduction of the A Bomb called Fat Man and Little Boy along with one of the B-29s that dropped the last one. They even had a piece of the Berlin wall. Seems like everyone has a piece of that wall. Of course the wall was 96 miles long so that should give even you and I the opportunity to own a piece. We left the museum at 2:15 PM. Dave had some trouble getting the RV out of the parking lot as some people had parked too close to us. But between Deanna's signals and Dave's ingenious driving, we made it! We stopped at a rest area about 3:00 PM and had lunch in the RV. When we left Dave was still driving and we were still going east on I-70 . We encountered lots of road work both yesterday and today. We stopped once for gas and then again for a rest room break and reached Strasburg, Ohio at 6:25 PM. We went on to the Amish Country Campsites at Winesburg and discovered the office was closed because it is Sunday. There was a notice on the door with Dave's name and lot number assignment on it. We had a little trouble finding our lot with no directions to speak of, but finally did, and got set up. Dave teased me for trying to adjust the legs at the back of the RV before he had finished lowering the front. I had the legs down on the ground, but when he lowered the front, they came up off the ground and he insisted that I hadn't got the legs all the way down. There is more to setting up camp than I had realized. This campground also has a narrow drive in and out so you need to be careful. It's clean, well maintained, well priced and has a great staff. Dave and Deanna grilled hamburgers and we had supper about 8:00 PM

Campground Map

Air Force Museum

Deanna in F4

Fat Man

Berlin Wall

Monday, June 25, 2007

I got up at 7:15AM, made coffee and did my daily devotional reading. I went ahead and ate my breakfast while Deanna had a shower. I will do my morning prettying up while they eat their breakfast. We are in Amish country and will do some sight-seeing today. We will take sandwiches and drinks with us so we don't have to return to the RV for lunch. We stopped at the office to register and pay the fee, and then left about 10:00AM. We stopped at Lehman's Amish store in Kidron, Ohio and I bought a small enamel coffee pot, a kerosene lamp globe, a picture, and candy for Barbara. Lehmans is a fun place to visit with the biggest selection of wood burning stoves you have ever seen. And they have some high tech stoves that look like the old wood burners and 1920's versions. Lehmans was originally noted for all the products they carried for the Amish who as you know did not use electrically powered devices. We ate lunch in the truck, then went to Berlin and visited Heini's Cheese factory. We sampled several varieties of cheese and bought some to take home with us. It was really interesting to watch how they make the cheese in those huge stainless steal vats. We needed gas so left at 2:00 PM. We stopped at Kauffinan's bakery first and bought bread and fried pies, then went on to Strasburg for gas. When you are in Amish country take advantage of the fresh vegetables and baked goods. We stopped at a farmer's market stand and bought cantaloupes, peaches, and tomatoes, then went back to the RV Park to rest and eat supper. I showered while Dave and Deanna rested. After supper, we drove around through several towns and the countryside to observe more of the Amish culture. There are flowers everywhere, in hanging baskets, and even planted around electric poles. The yards are mowed beautifully and they don't use machines to do it. Deanna spotted a black squirrel so we stopped to get a couple of pictures.

Amish Country RV

Cheese Factory

The Black Squirrel

Amish harvest

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

 I got up about 6:45 AM, made coffee, and had my cereal. Deanna got up about 7:30 and Dave shortly after. We are going to visit more Amish places today, so left camp at 9:00 AM. We stopped at the Inspirational Wood Gifts Shop at Walnut Creek and Deanna bought some gifts. Then we went to a furniture shop and looked at the beautiful handmade furniture. We then went to Yoder's Farm on highway 515 near Walnut Creek and toured the two houses, the barn and the school house. We took a buggy ride around the farm with an Amish driver who gave us the rundown on the Amish lifestyle and where the horses came from that the Amish used to pull their buggies. Did you know they are retired trotter race horses? We saw beautiful quilts and handcrafted items throughout the houses. Deanna bought some cinnamon rolls in the kitchen where they were baking bread, cookies, rolls, and pies to sell. We left there and went to Der Dutchman restaurant again at Walnut Creek for a delicious meal. I could have made a meal on their rolls and butter alone! Then we went to the Walnut Creek Furniture store where Dave bought a decorative wooden wine rack. We went back to the RV Park to rest for a while. Dave is still recovering from kidney surgery and has to rest and not overdo. At 6:00 PM, we decided to drive around again and see what we might have missed as we will be leaving in the morning. We got back to the RV about 7:15 and had our supper.

Yoder's Farm

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We got up about 7:00 AM, had breakfast, and then drove to Hershberger's outside Millersburg to buy fried pies, real butter, tomatoes, and noodles. Hershberger's has the best fried pies in the U.S. bar none!! If you want to start a fight in your group then buy some Hershberger fried pies and see who gets the last one. We broke camp and left about 9:30 with Deanna driving. We are heading northeast toward Canton, Ohio. We passed through Canton and stopped in Ashtabula for gas, restroom break, and lunch in the RV. We rested for awhile then left at 1:00 PM with Dave at the wheel. We entered Pennsylvania at 1:30 and stopped at the Visitor's Center for maps. Why can't Oklahoma have such nice visitors centers? We passed by Erie, Wesleyville and entered New York State at 2:25. Lake Erie is to our left, but we can't see much of it for the trees. We drove through Buffalo, NY where there were gobs of traffic and road construction. We entered Canada after crossing the Peace Bridge over Lake Erie. We went through customs and had to show our passports, then drove on to the RV Park. We are in Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada and it is windy and hot! We got to Campark Resort, checked in, found our lot, and set up camp by 5:00 PM. We can't recommend Campark Resort. It had a lot of permanent residents, was dusty, the internal roads were poorly marked (and in one case missing altogether) and the roads had no lighting at night. The security gate was broken when we got there and still broken when we left. We checked out a day early and could not get a refund. The wireless internet they advertise only works over about 30-40% of the park and did not work in the transient area at all. We had supper of steak, tomatoes, and corn on the cob, then drove to see Niagara Falls. Got there about 7:15 PM. AWESOME!!! We walked across the Rainbow Bridge and stayed till after 9:00 PM so we could see the lights come on at the Falls. We got back to the RV about 10:15. We are all really tired but snacked on cheese and crackers before going to bed.

Hershberger's Farm

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge toward the U.S. side

The Canadian side

Thursday, June 28, 2007

 I got up at 7:00 AM this morning, made coffee, and had my cereal before reading my daily devotions. Dave and Deanna got up about 8:00 and we had the last of our cantaloupe. It is cool--77 degrees--and partly cloudy today. I walked up to the Recreation Room and laundry area at 9:00, so I got my morning walk in. We left about 10:15 to go back to the Falls. Gasoline is about $3.50 per gallon here and they sell it by the liter. Their streets and roads are terrible and are not marked nearly as well as the US roads. Interestingly the Canadian Side has horrible roads and absolutely gorgeous landscaping and the American side has good roads and horrible landscaping. We stayed on the Canadian side just for the fun of it but would not do it again. It's just a big hassle going from the US side to the Canadian side and back. We made the trip back and forth several times and not only does it take additional time, it costs to use the bridge. $3 I think. The Canadian border guards were really courteous and the American were both snotty and seemed to be "not too competent". At one point in time we had to wait for one of the female guards to complete an argument with one of her fellow guards before we could get through the gates.  We rode on "Maid of the Mist" tour boat almost to the base of the Falls. They gave us plastic ponchos so we wouldn't get totally soaked but the wind and mist was so dense that we understood how they got the name of the boat. While we were on the tour boat we went by Ring-bill gulls roosting area and there were hundreds of them!! There were so many that they looked like little white dots on the hillside. And they were everywhere in the visitors area. We went up on the observation tower, then Deanna and I went to the "Cave of the Winds" and got soaked even wearing ponchos and sandals they gave us. There was one point on the tour where we could get almost into the falls. It was so windy and wet that they called it Hurricane Point. We then went into Niagara and ate lunch at Cuomo's restaurant. We visited Goat Island where you can see the horseshoe of the Canadian side of the falls then returned to camp. After supper, we went back to the Falls and watched the colored lights come on after dark. Magnificent!! Iíve never seen anything so awesome in my life!. We didn't get back to camp till about 10:00 PM.

Maid of the Mist walkway

Observation Deck

Maid of the Mist

Ring-Billed Gulls

Canadian Campground


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